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Learn. Lead. Innovate

keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2011

Teamlearning in Muurame High School


In Muurame High School we have done several years teamworking and teamlearning. This means that every teachers and many student are involved in teams. Our school is normal Finnish High School with two specialities : entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

So we have two teams for these issues. Both teams have two student membership to bring student's voice planning. Teams make their own team agreement with rules, leadership in team, regular meetings etc.

In that "team contract" is also clarified the goals to achieve and some kind of indicators to measure results. This common and general pact will commit people to do the job. Staff and student can influence what's happening at school next year. Principal can give one goal (this season Well-being and slow life).Everybody is heard and committed to work.Teams get small amount of money for their needs and teammembers get some salary for the work.

Teams are led by teacher leaders or student leader.We must encourage also students to lead.Students are doing exactly the same in entrepreneurship studies and their projects. Coaches give them lot of responsible and freedom to do.

Trust is everything !

Next blog is dealing Sustainable development and environmental education in school

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  1. Hi Aki!

    I absolutely love the work you and your teachers put in at your school! I imagine it as a very inspiring place to work and interact. I also like how you emphasize the word "team" throughout the blog post.

    Congratulations on all your super work and I wish you a great new school year!

    Best wishes,

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