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Learn. Lead. Innovate

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Tribe has spoken

Last week we had our Finnish Social and Entrepreneurship Network meeting in Kouvola Finland. Our Network consist 23 Finnish High Schools which have chosen entrepreneurship and social media in their curriculum. These high schools want to have entrepreneurship principles in their strategy and policy widely. This kind of entrepreneurial working culture will be the only way to work also at schools. It is true that action speaks much more louder than words.

“Ideal and effective tribe”

We all heard marvellous lecture about tribes. Entrepreneur Jari Lammi from Kouvolan Innovation told us lot of good information about social media and tribes. Effective tribe consist 150 persons and contacts. Normal Facebook user have 130 friends, he said. More is less, because huge mount of tribe members don’t feel fellowship. This idea we must remember, when we are building too big schools or communities.

Shared values

Our group has promised to follow these shared values and ideology. We want to :

-develop and combine new learning environments with social media
-benefit social media leading our network and schools
-share our best practises with social media tools
-use social media to market, communicate and brand our high schools in Finland
-built new kind of sense of community

“Community of customers” = students

If we think school as an student oriented organization, we have to agree that idea. Every single organization (company, team, school etc.) should have "some kind of customers". In school they are student and pupils with their parents. School must hear their voices in planning and implementing school year.

Thank you Kouvola for comfortable meeting and time !

Proud coordinator

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