Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Dialogue and trust

Are you reliable negotiator? Practice dialogue with trust.

Good negotiation skills are key to success. Good conversation and dialogue are simply win-win situations. Both sides win and get.

Before negotiation you should practise little. Focus on these issues :
-set some negotiation goals and targets
-think through negotiation process and your strategies
-recognise your negotiation styles and strengths
-stay calm and strengthen your self-esteem

Build confidential atmosphere and trust

How you can motivate people in decision-making ? If you know something about opposite side, it will help you talk about right things. Do your homework before meeting. Better you know your “clients”, better results you get. Use your knowledge of people and human nature. Personal feedback is always good.

How we can increase trust in meetings? Try these. Be open-minded for new ideas – also opposite statements can be innovative. Talk straight – it is better say also the bad things than be silent. Listening is gold. Do it carefully. It will increase approval and reliability. Be flexible but still be yourself!

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