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keskiviikko 20. maaliskuuta 2013

"Is Finnish way the only way"?

What unique we have in Finland ?

                                        Pasi Sahlberg's slide in BETT 2013 London
                                        Photo Aki Puustinen

There is something in Finnish society and our system that rocks. There are several points that makes Finland very nice place to live and work. Here are some points :

-ideal size : not too crowded and lot of space around you

-enough natural raw materials like forests, mines and “ know-how”

-fresh air, clean nature and water

-education system that works (=PISA-land)

-low corruption rate

-high life expectancy

-modern infrastructure (roads, traffic, buildings, communication)

-developed administration and ruling policy

-firm social security system

-people value work and well-being

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