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Learn. Lead. Innovate

lauantai 12. huhtikuuta 2014

Google, Gafe and the future ?

                                       Mr. Ross Mahon Gafe Specialist. Photo Aki Puustinen

We had marvellous chance to join and learn Google/Samsung concepts in Hämeenlinna (Finland) ICT conference. Google has enormous vision to manage all the information on earth. They have great plans also in education sector. We heard Mr Ross Mahon (Gafe Evangelist) who works at Google trying to get the world of education thinking about 100 % web.

Google thinks that we need to prepare our  kids/students for a world we can't see yet. They believe that next generation will need following skills :

                                                                Photo Aki Puustinen

Google's answer for that is Gafe (Google Apps for Education) ecosystem. Gafe consist the whole package : Chromebook, Apps, Google +, E-mails, Google Drive etc. Their point is learning on the web. They might be on the right track...

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