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torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

Perspective on Finnish Education by Amy & Kia

                                         The symbol of the teachers in United States is apple

Tift College of Education in Mercer University (Georgia U.S.A) researchers Amy Bagby and Kia James visited Jyväskylä area schools. Focus was all level K-12 schools and at least the Institute of Educational Leadership in Jyväskylä University. Researchers wanted to gain better understanding of the Finnish education system. The information they gathered from this research will be used to make recommendations for policy change in the United States. Amy and Kia observed classrooms with a primary focus on teachers and their actions. Researchers worked hard and visited in three days – 8 different schools and lot of staff!

-Muurame Senior High school – Principal Aki Puustinen

-Institute of Educational Leadership Jyväskylä Uni – Lecturer Jerker Polso

-Nisulanmäki Junior High School – Principal Minna Kalakari

-Mäkelänmäki Elementary School – Principal Kari Heikkilä

-State's Teacher Training school – Councellor Hanna Närhi

-Pre school

-Voionmaa Senior High School – Councellor Timo Ilomäki, Principal Seppo Haavisto and vice Principal Sirkka Ruuhonen

-Cygnaeus Senior High School – Principal Ari Pokka

                       Amy, Kia & Merjo are discussing evaluation and Finnish assessments

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