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maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

Business plan and pitch at Slush Up! Chengdu China

Our FinEduVR project's business plan and pitch at Slush Up! Chengdu China. Startup ecosystem.

Name of company or organization (school project): FinEduVR

Project plan :

Virtual reality at learning is a education development project funded by National board of education Finland. Participants are high schools Muurame (Muuramen lukio); Kuopio (Kuopion klassillinen lukio) Jyväskylän lukiot ( Schildt and Lyseo) from Finland

What is your name and role in the project:

We are project managers in this FinEduVR project. Also high school headmaster and teacher with 2 students.

How did schools in Finland got involved with Virtual Reality (background):

These schools developers  have worked together many education technology project before, for example with iPad development project. We always try to look to future and predict what is going to happen next at technology, 

What is your main goal in Virtual Reality?

Main goals is to share information about possibilities of virtual reality at education, test Google Cardboard and Youtube 360 at schools, also testing Samsung Gear Vr, HTC Vive sets, Sony PlaystationVR. We have made 360 learning platforms with 360 Cameras like Gear 360 and Ricoh ThetaS. Managing drones in school environment with photo and video shooting. We have two drones Phantom DJI pro 3 & 4. How to study basics and safe operations of remotely piloted aircraft system.

Products and services : Main goal is to set virtual reality schools and studies in Europe and in China.

Where do you see Virtual Reality is going to be in the future:

We hope that vr education is going to change more to mobile phones that our student can create their own virtual environments.  Social vr is going to be the next big thing, to share experience like a real football game with others at same space. Students as producers.  Drone pilots.

Clients and markets :

Clients are high school students and teachers and managers. All education bureaus in the world. Huge potential in growing education sectors. We are in the front line and pioneers in any country in this field.

Arrangements :

We have already websites, Twitter and Instagram counts. We have many partners to build 360 learning environments, educate pilots and code content to virtual reality environment.

Funding : We need investors and partners to build facility (office, producing tools and gadgets) more content coders, marketing budget and get more contacts between China and Europe. Trips and conferences to learn more. We need seed money round 250 000 € in two years.

Coordinator Aki Puustinen apuustin@gmail.com @apuustin
Coordinator Timo Ilomäki ilomakitimojuhani@gmail.com @ilotimo
Coordinator Jukka Sormunen jukka.sormunen@gmail.com @sormuju




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