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Learn. Lead. Innovate

lauantai 21. heinäkuuta 2018

Few ideas of good lesson ?

Do your students sleep during lessons ? We loved to share some elements of good lesson.

We teachers always think, how to motivate our students ? It is terrible to see young students sitting and yawning and almost sleeping in lesson. Here few tips to get more power and motivation to your students.

“Reading is everything”
Learning in mostly linked to reading. We have to put students to read at least every day a little. How you get boys read something? Some say that boys might read if there is something to do with action, sports, gaming or tech. Reading traditionally from books, could be old fashioned and unmotivated to some youngsters. We can offer them other ways to read. If schools or pupils have iPads, iPhones or tablets it could help. When I give history home tasks, I give students only one question “Question of the day” and students must read the article or certain chapter to answer that.

10/20/30 rule
This might be one point that increase motivation. Teacher can’t rule the lesson too much. Sometimes teacher could be too active and in the central of learning, but students are passive and more outsiders. I try to use 10/20/30 rule. This means that students are more active than me. I show only 10 PowerPoint slides in my presentation, I speak myself maximum 20 min and rest of the 45 minutes lesson, students are involved and work. If I break this rule, students can interrupt me and put me back on track. This could be a risk :"Hey I am a teacher and I love my voice !"

We all are in charged ?
Every students are charged from lessons. They make 5-7 questions from last chapter and ask these questions from their school mates. At the same time they learn how to make questions. To make a good profound question is challenging. When they ask questions, students learn how to perform. Asking questions will help understand more dialogue – the basic issue of learning, teaching and leading.

Use projects and teamwork
Every subject will give plenty of opportunities to do projects. Small project could last only 3-4 hours or lessons. Projects and lessons consist something of these;

-give freedom and space
-let students choose something (area, place, tool etc.)
-project has staff, timetable, meaning, recourses,
-encourage to using mobile devices
-be available not in charge = coach them
-trust them
-use teams / together we are more and stronger

Do you agree ?

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  1. I agree completely. As soon as I begin to talk, eyes glaze over and learning stops. What is the point in continuing at that point? It is easy to blame the students, "Oh, they aren't interested in learning!" The truth is, everyone is interested in learning, it is the nature of humans. The question is, what do they want to learn, and how do they want to learn it? Instead of blaming the students, I take a look at my teaching. I use the same rule, 10/20/30. I find that if the students know I won't be talking all block, they are more apt to listen. I also find that the more meaningful and relevant the lesson is to my student's lives, the more they will buy in to what we're learning. Students know when something is a time filler.

    Olen täysin samaa mieltä. Heti kun aloin puhua, silmänsä lasite yli ja oppiminen pysähtyy. Mitä järkeä jatkaa tässä vaiheessa? On helppo syyttää opiskelijoita, "Oh, he eivät ole kiinnostuneita oppimaan!"Totuus on, jokainen on kiinnostunut oppimaan, se on luonteeltaan ihmisille.Kysymys kuuluu, mitä he haluavat oppia, ja miten he haluavat oppia? Sen sijaan, että syyttää opiskelijoita, olen vilkaise minun opetuksessa. Käytän samaa sääntöä, 20.10.30. Mielestäni jos opiskelijat tietävät etten puhu kaikki lohkosta, ne ovat alttiimpia kuunnella. Pidän myös, että enemmän merkityksellistä ja relevanttia opetus on minun opiskelijan elämää, sitä enemmän he ostavat siihen, mitä me olemme oppimista. Opiskelijat tietävät, kun jotain on aika täyteaine.

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