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perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2019

Sustainability and vulnerable coral reefs in Bahamas

Mermaid Reef in Bahamas
We had the privilege to visit Abaco Island, Bahamas during Christmas time. The Caribbean see is the most beautiful area in the world. How we take care of this unique environment ?
Especially the sensible coral reef is in danger. Coral reefs are incredible colourful and full of life. You can see turtles, dolphins, sharks, stingrays or seestars,  These areas are best places to fish. Fabulous marlins, wahoos and spanish mackerels live also there.
I was little worried about mass tourism in certain areas. In Bahamas there is no recycling systems so far. Some forests were dumped lot of waste. Bahamians used to burn rubbish instead of recycling. Don't know is this worse or better to climate. Still most of the white beaches were very clean.
Abaco Island
Tourism obviously gives Bahamian people lot of work but nature will suffer. Also many Haitian refugees worked in Abaco Island. Their country and people need a lot of help after terrible earthquake. Some Haitian people lived in slums. Many foreign people and tourists made charity work and try to improve  local people conditions. We have always hope - people are in general good !

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