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Learn. Lead. Innovate

maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

The New School 2030

What kind of education and skills we should have in the future ?

We have some visions about future. Probably we have no more normal work at all. Work will set free from rutines and flexible actions take part. Some kind of abstract level will emerge and precise work vanish.

This mean that the content of work and rules must define with others. Very rare work is done alone. Multi-tasker need group and others. New way of thinking will reflect organizing and leading the work.

"It is not my business"?

Because we work together, everything is everybody's business. Works and teams are linked together and most projects need multitasks. Best way to prepare this kind of world is creativity.

Creativity=intrapreneurship attitude. If we see new possibilities around us, it will help us to survive. Inproving creativity should be one of the most important issues developing the New School.

It means encourage to grab new possibilities. We should testing all to time new teaching methods, equipment (IT) and have experiences from other fields of life.

Important questions/skills in the year 2030 could be these :
-How we are dealing with knowledge ?
-How we are dealing with other people ?

Aki Puustinen
Headmaster of Muurame High School

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  1. Nice baselines.

    What we need now in Finland is a complete overhaul of ways we think about knowledge and learning facts. In today we have no need to "know" things. We have technology and ways to find information on a wide array of subjects. There is no need to know years or dates in history because you can wiki it in a heartbeat.

    This rises an another overlooked flaw in our education system. We Finns are prone to glorify memorizing vast amounts of information and techniques (good examples are admission tests for universities and engineers many mathematic courses). This doesn't mean we should stop learning things all together. Instead we should switch the focus of our schools to help and develop students ways of gathering information and creative use of it.

    Any amount of information is useless if it can't be combined and/or processed with new information or with itself. We should't ask what. We should be asking why and how is it affecting our world.

    The last thing is the human factor. How should we deal or interact with other people? A great question but why should we wait till 2030 to ask this question. We have a huge amount of ICT technology and social media these days. But it does not change the fact that no machine is going to convict us in a court or make the decision to hire us. We will (I hope and am quite sure) always be the decision makers in our communities. All machines can be are ways to know more and ways to share information. It has and always will be all about the human factor. Not just in the 2030. Also just now and today.

  2. Thanks Vili for comments! You old teacher @ilotimo respect you.

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