Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Using Facebook leading the school

In Muuramen High School we have discovered very fantastic way of leading our school partly with Facebook. As we know leading is communication and communication is leading. We have noticed that youngsters use email rarely nowadays. Adults use email, but students have other medias. Of course we have our schools official website(http://peda.net/veraja/muurame/lukio), but Facebook-site will refill information.

Year ago we founded our schools own Facebook-site : Muurame lukio. It is marvellous way to dicsuss with students. Also principal should have some connection to student, if he don't have a lot of teaching among students.This discussion and dialogue is possible via Facebook. Teachers and principals have to hear to "voice of client", if school is for students not for teachers. Two of our students are users as a Facebook-journalists.

Our students have created their own Facebook-site : Lukiomies (The High Schoolman like Superman). This figure is some kind of marketing man of the school and he visit every school events. He teach also manners with good attitude and have always some positive thoughts.

Our Sustainable development idea has also Facebook-site : Keke Muurame. This goodhearted person take care of nature and people in our community. Keke Muurame has made sustainable and environmental video struggling against Mr Garbage in his Facebook-site. Younsters are creative and they know very well the social media and use it. School must look like students. Our students have done this very well !

Proud Headmaster

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