Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Marketing and branding your school ?

"Every organization's basic task is built their own community of customers" !

Do you agree this sentence ?

If we think school as an student oriented organization, we have to agree that idea. Every single organization (company, team, school etc.) should have "some kind of customers". In school they are student and pupils with their parents. School must hear their voices in planning and implementing school year.

"How can I brand my school ?"

It is easy if you remember these basics :

1. Be different than others. You don't have to be "best of the world", but be different some how.

2. Use sloagan. Sloagan tells us something about our basic task. Our sloagan is simple : "The best years of your life" (Muurame High School).

3. Use symbols or logos in your materials, papers. powerpoint etc. Symbols create spirit and sense of community.(Muurame High School logo)

4. Profile yourself as an expert in some area (teaching, social media, sport, sustainable development, entreprenership etc.). Utilize lot of media publicity like newspaper, events, blogs, social media, local news.

5. Found and host regular events, expositions, festivals, party. We had last spring Great Tribe Reunion -happening( Prezi presentation) with former students and teachers (picture above). We got 240 people in our 15 th anniversary to see the jubilee and student's Musical project.

6. Expand your expertise (be more than school) to other areas like (social media... )

7. Make networks with other experts and educational staff. http://finnedchat.blogspot.com/

8. Do again and again (at least 22 times) those 7 issues and you have brand your school !

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  1. Hey, if I were currently immersed in writing a book explaining set theory, it would have sounded like that to me too, I’m sure.