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Learn. Lead. Innovate

keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2011

Greatest Finnish innovating tool ever ? Thinking Sauna

What could be the most influenced place in earth to Finn? Obvious it’s Sauna.

Picture of my PTS=Personal Thinking Sauna

Earlier there was dozens of different ways to use saunas than warm up and wash yourself. Sauna was place were mamas delivered babies, sometimes we tried to cure diseases with hot steam, Finns dried their food in saunas and in the very end bodies were washed in saunas. But the greatest use has been thinking.

“Problem solving in hot sauna”

There are many stories about solving problems in sauna. During the Cold War Finland and Soviet Union had some difficult problems and diplomatic crises. Many times the answer was sauna ! Our former president Urho Kekkonen was known about that. He has done lot of politics and compromises in his private sauna. After few beer conversation and dialogue is easier.

Sitting bare naked we are equal

It is obvious, when we are sitting bare naked in sauna, we are very equal. There is no titles, status, merits, positions or fancy clothes. You have only your thoughts, ideas and dialogue. You can’t hide anywhere or stand anyone’s back. There is no time. And if you want to have conversation, you should “listen” your companion – do not give too much hot steam.

Refreshing steam stimulates your brains ?

In sauna you can focus and concentrate certain issue without interrupted. You got privacy and you sit there with your own thoughts. There is no hurry. This kind of calm down is crucial in this busy world. I do often thinking sauna sessions.

We are very lucky, that we are living in Muurame Finland, where is located the world biggest sauna factory Harvia Oy http://www.harvia.fi/ and we have also the Sauna Museum. Sauna is under my skin. I will invite you to Finnish Sauna – marvelous thinking tool !

Have you ever tried Sauna ? What did you liked ?

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  1. I don’t get it, what do you mean by the 3rd paragraph?