Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2012

Do we need any more offices ? Try mobile pocket office.

World and schools have changed a lot during last year. Many schools go mobile and try to develop new ways of learning and coaching students. Also principals’ offices are moving more mobile ones.

Do we need anymore buildings or certain rooms for monitoring and leading our schools ?

My own work has changed rapidly last fall. I bought iPad and iPhone devices. These marvellous machines made my day. My office has moved everywhere. I find five different categories which has helped my work:

1) Communication is easier : emails, browsers, Facebook and internal school programs (Wilma) and school’s own homepage in the same device.

2) Online source of information : Flipboard, Zite, Diigo, Pulse, Vodio, Wikipania, Scoop it! are wonderful sources and full of new brilliant ideas.

3) Files, reports and photos : Dropbox and iCloud are with me all the time.

4) Connections : Blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn are great tools to build your PLN.

5) New thinking in learning : Sharing is caring ! More you give, more you get !

I can move and walk easily in corridors, classes and different places. I see often students and teachers. Probably I lead more efficiency than ever. Best part of all this is that our staff and students are learning all the time.

Anytime, anywhere, anyone !

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