Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

lauantai 24. maaliskuuta 2012

What education can learn from golf ?Brilliant brand.

Great example of golf brand. Finnish Sauna driver.

Spring is coming soon and all the golfers collect their equipment and gears. Golf is the most productized brand in the world. If you are a golfer you know that very well. Golf markets are full of different gears and products. You can find clothes, underwear, shoes, caps, mugs and everything with golf brand. Even there are certain wines, deodorants, jewellery, cosmetics and energy drinks for golfers. Almost everything is linked to golf.

What about education branch ?

What is the most biggest industry and branch in the world ? Surprisingly is not the media, arms industry, trade or farming.The largest branch is education.Most of the people work in education jobs. Especially in Nordic countries education takes 1/3 of national annual budgets. Public sector and schools employ millions of people every country. Also education sector needs more brands, goods, labels and products. There are lack of good quality international and national brands.

Teachers as a product

Still there are lot of potentials to develop new equipment and articles in schools and institutes. We have all that human resources and knowledge to do that. In Finland our best brand is well-educated teachers. Now we need good knowledge and skills to sell that excellent product. Teachers are also sustainable and renewable resource.

Let’s work on it!

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