Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012

How to teach entrepreneurship at school? Via school’s own company.

Our school’s company is called Kisälli. It means medieval trainee and the logo symbolizes three “holy” things : schools, communities and companies. They three must work together ! We founded our school’s own company Kisälli 9 years ago (2003). We created our own small co-operative company with students and teachers. In the beginning students have to create name, logo, rules, branch, brochures and legislation issues and paperwork with authorities. This was real learning by doing with community and society. Why cooperative company? In Finnish legislation cooperatives are very equal and cheap. Every member of the company has only one vote. We thought that our business will also confirm democracy education. Starting costs were very low and school’s budget did not suffer. Cooperatives are easy-going platform for learning both coaches and students. Students run their own company Operative board consist only students. We have CEO, economical leader, secretary, marketing manager, project manager and lot of workers. One year more than 40 % of our 3rd graders worked in the company. Operative board pays the bills, salaries, taxes and make contracts. They have very responsible work to do and they have learnt a lot. Annual sales has been between 10 000-30 000 €/year. Our turnover and profit margin has been brilliant. Students work in different areas : -websites for companies -social media consulting -selling different goods -summer cafeteria -car washing -dog/cat sitter -snow removing -cleaning houses etc. Benefits Our students need more positive experiences from entrepreneurship studies and companies. This comes naturally in their own company. Working experiences is crucial also among high schools students. If you get know better different jobs, you never overlook any profession. Of course students get salary and get paid. We know that youngsters love some extra money. Obviously they understand better the value of money after they have earned the money themselves. Our youngsters need lot of information in economic issues in their own lives. How to spare and how to consume reasonable? It is very important to understand where the money comes and how we pay taxes. There is no free dinners and tax-free salaries !

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