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Learn. Lead. Innovate

torstai 4. heinäkuuta 2013

Importance of summer vacation for educators

What is the meaning of holiday for teachers and principals ?

Most of the cases is huge. Educators work is so hard nowadays that you need lot of rest to recover. Working with people every day is even harder than work in factory or in office because you reflect and mirror yourself all the time.

On holiday is time to focus the most important persons - your family and lovings. During school season is almost impossible to see your relatives, grandparents and old friends.Take time to see them properly. Espesially the older people have the wisdom. Discuss with them before is too late.

Summer holiday is also marvellous chance to meet new places, people and get new experiences. If you want to recharge your batteries and refill your think tanks the only way is to see new environments. Be aware and you get plenty of new ideas surroundings you.

Enjoy the nature. What really inspires human being is nature and going outdoors. Nature and forest calms you down. Inhale fresh air and enjoy the sun. Do different things than normally do.

Now it is time to read a lot. New books, articles, see movies and listen to music or go the concerts.

And eventually forget the school and daily routines. This is an order. Have a nice and refreshing summer holiday !


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