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torstai 22. elokuuta 2013

The Finnish Matriculation Examination goes electric 2016

The Finnish matriculation examination is the only national test Finns have. This test will be done every Senior High schools (=Upper Secondary schools) twice a year/season. More than 35 000 students will join. After three years and this test students normally graduated in spring.  Students have been at school almost 12 years without national testing. We think that is marvelous thing. Less testing – more equality.

Matriculation examination has been very traditional and old fashioned. Since 1850 it has done with paper and pencil. Something should be done. Finnish National Board of Education has set a new goal – year 2016 matriculation examination will go electric. First we start in German, geography and philosophy and year 2019 all exams will be electrical.  It is huge challenge to schools and administration. We have to solve several matters before that :

·         how we found infrastructure (Wi-Fi, electric, wires) at schools ?

·         are there enough e-books and e-exams before that ?

·         possibility to use Clouds (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive) ?

·         what sort of computers are valid (tablets, laptops, PC) ?

·         internal or external nets in exam ?

·         how we train our teachers and principals to this change ?


This is also a huge possibility to step in the front line also in exams. We are looking forward to start our first e-exam experiments this autumn.


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