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perjantai 7. elokuuta 2015

Virtual reality or real virtuality ?

Testing Samsung Gear VR glasses in ICP2015 HELSINKI
Virtual reality might be the next big hit in education sector. Producers like Google, Samsung, Oculus Rift, Microsoft, Sony, Nokia and HTC will promote their first generation devices to markets. Virtual reality devices will penetrate to schools during year 2016. Finnish National Board of Education gave us opprtunity to test virtual reality in learning. Our project started with four Finnish High Schools (Muurame, Lyseo/Schildt (Jyväskylä) and Kuopio Classical High Schools) in August 2015. We got fundings from National Board of Education (years 2015-2017). We will test both VR glasses and cameras. Project will be student oriented and students will be also important producers of 360 videos. Stay tuned !
Contact persons @ilotimo @sormuju @apuustin
Our project in a nutshell :

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