Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

maanantai 27. maaliskuuta 2023

Data driven school


            Collecting data with AI tool by Aiwo Digital Oy 

Creation of an efficient internal system for ensuring the quality of education: the algorithm for creating and key elements for measuring the quality of education, self-assessment tools. 

 The key element is the client and student. We call our system student oriented system or

 entrepreneurial way of leading the school. We focus on data driven school.


We try to collect different kind of information and data from our students. We have created our

 own quality system / certification with various inquiries from our students. Every year we have

 three polls : 

First we ask and measure students’ health and well-being, how they feel they studies

 and life. This was crucial important during Covid19 time. 

Second we ask students internal information about different courses (how student for example felt 

certain course and what pedagogical methods were used in that specific course). 

Third we ask few questions from our alumni which have graduated from our school 2 years ago. 

Where they are now, are they studying or working, how they feel their life in general and what they 

remember about our school.


We collect this important data from present and former students. We think that all those

 students, parents and teachers are our crucial tribe. We really call them the tribe. We have also used

 artificial intelligence collecting that data. AI categorizes these enormous data mass in few

 seconds. Leading the school is also collecting data and changing school from that



School must have targets and goals. We set goals every school year in next following areas :


1.       Pedagogical experiences for methodological development

2.      Visitors and visits for networking

3.      Sustainability actions

4.      Student suggestions

5.      Working life contacts


After season we measure how many actions we had in these goals. Numbers are easy to identify and numbers don’t lie. 

Data is king !

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