Learn. Lead. Innovate.

Learn. Lead. Innovate

tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

When teacher became a coach !

What is the difference between teaching and coaching ?

Through social media we have to face the fact that information and knowledge is not teachers privilegde. Information is everywhere and the problem is to filter important facts from irrelevant.

Also the relationship between students and teachers have changed. Normally teacher gives the right answers and is leading the lesson and educational events. We need to give students more "space" and responsibility about their own learning. Students are in charge not the teachers. Teachers give help, consultation and intervention if needed. Good coach is available but not in front of class.

Students and coach are little bit "closer" each other than used to. This is possible if we discover new learning environment. We can get closer if we bravely discuss more with students. Cap between student and teacher will vanish if we have more time and dialogue with them. Still coach is an adult but something has changed.

Boring classes must decorate modern way and we can use different learning places like camps, companies, outdoor in real life. Coach do rather "learning by doing" than before. Coach want to try projects and survey phenomenon. Coaching is rather living and testing than teaching.

"If you want get answers you should ask questions"

Coach use dialogue as an learning method. We should ask rather right questions than give right answers. Dialogue is marvellous method to teach, learn and lead. There are four principles we use in dialogue :

1. Be honest

2. Talk straight

3. Listen more

4. Wait for answer

Coaching also supports creativity. If we accept different answers and give students options and choices in tasks, it helps also creativity. Be openminded and willingness to learn also from your students. Younsters have fresh and new perspective about their lives and education branch. Propably they use fluently social media in their daily life.

Coach is all the time learner too !

Aki Puustinen

Headcoach of Muurame High School

keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Marketing and branding your school ?

"Every organization's basic task is built their own community of customers" !

Do you agree this sentence ?

If we think school as an student oriented organization, we have to agree that idea. Every single organization (company, team, school etc.) should have "some kind of customers". In school they are student and pupils with their parents. School must hear their voices in planning and implementing school year.

"How can I brand my school ?"

It is easy if you remember these basics :

1. Be different than others. You don't have to be "best of the world", but be different some how.

2. Use sloagan. Sloagan tells us something about our basic task. Our sloagan is simple : "The best years of your life" (Muurame High School).

3. Use symbols or logos in your materials, papers. powerpoint etc. Symbols create spirit and sense of community.(Muurame High School logo)

4. Profile yourself as an expert in some area (teaching, social media, sport, sustainable development, entreprenership etc.). Utilize lot of media publicity like newspaper, events, blogs, social media, local news.

5. Found and host regular events, expositions, festivals, party. We had last spring Great Tribe Reunion -happening( Prezi presentation) with former students and teachers (picture above). We got 240 people in our 15 th anniversary to see the jubilee and student's Musical project.

6. Expand your expertise (be more than school) to other areas like (social media... )

7. Make networks with other experts and educational staff. http://finnedchat.blogspot.com/

8. Do again and again (at least 22 times) those 7 issues and you have brand your school !

sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2011

The Experience Education

What are the most succesfull elements that drives students better learning results?

We have noticed in Finnish Entrepreneurship Network that these 5E elements will help students do better. 5E means more experiental learning than before.

First E means Entertainment. Every lesson or education event should include some "fun". Entertainment is passive and it could be for example music, plays, new places (theatre, company, museum. (to sense)

Second E is Education. People want to learn something new like "playing or learning child". In Education sector students are active and interactive. What students want to learn from their own perspective and experiences?(to learn)

Third sector includes Escapism elements. Somehow educator should create something "abnormal" or out of normal routines in teaching. I have had for example coffee breaks, some snacks, different learning environments like sauna, park, students home etc. Use your imagination for that ! (to do)

Fourth element is Esthetic. People want to see nice, beautiful things around them. You can make your materials (Powerpoint, Prezi documents,papers and other) as well as you can. Class should be well organized and whole school (environment) will tell students quality and style. (to be)

Fifth element is (E)spirit is very important. How you treat students and colleagues. School has some spirit or not. You can influence that doing your own attitude positive. (to feel)

Aki Puustinen
Headmaster of Muurame High School
Coordinator of Finnish Entrepreneurship Network

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Using Facebook leading the school

In Muuramen High School we have discovered very fantastic way of leading our school partly with Facebook. As we know leading is communication and communication is leading. We have noticed that youngsters use email rarely nowadays. Adults use email, but students have other medias. Of course we have our schools official website(http://peda.net/veraja/muurame/lukio), but Facebook-site will refill information.

Year ago we founded our schools own Facebook-site : Muurame lukio. It is marvellous way to dicsuss with students. Also principal should have some connection to student, if he don't have a lot of teaching among students.This discussion and dialogue is possible via Facebook. Teachers and principals have to hear to "voice of client", if school is for students not for teachers. Two of our students are users as a Facebook-journalists.

Our students have created their own Facebook-site : Lukiomies (The High Schoolman like Superman). This figure is some kind of marketing man of the school and he visit every school events. He teach also manners with good attitude and have always some positive thoughts.

Our Sustainable development idea has also Facebook-site : Keke Muurame. This goodhearted person take care of nature and people in our community. Keke Muurame has made sustainable and environmental video struggling against Mr Garbage in his Facebook-site. Younsters are creative and they know very well the social media and use it. School must look like students. Our students have done this very well !

Proud Headmaster